I am Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant and I want to welcome you to my website. I am hopeful that in this space, we will inform, inspire, and empower a community of achievers, leaders, and

As a Pastor, an activist, and an author, this platform is an extension of my ongoing commitment to uplift, inspire, and transform lives through the power of faith, knowledge, and action.

If you know me, you know my story – kicked out of two high schools; the first person to ever be admitted into Morehouse College with a GED; degrees from Duke University and Oxford; three decades as a civil rights activist and community leader; currently serving as the senior pastor of the legendary New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest, Georgia…. It’s been quite a ride!

In this space, I will share sermons, reflections, teachings, and stories that chronicle my past but more importantly, inform our collective future. Here, we will seek to instill hope, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge conventional thinking. I believe in the power of God’s word to reveal, repair, and restore; and it’s my honor to share this journey with you.

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